Project MOSES focuses on using modeling and simulation to analyze computer systems, with an emphasis on large-scale systems and their security properties.

Modeling of Large-Scale Systems

We are interested in large-scale system behavior, and in development of simulation and modeling methodology that supports demonstration and evaluation of that behavior. Historically we have studied computer and communication networks. However many of the techniques and tools we've developed have application in other contexts. We use continuous, discrete-event, and hybrid models.


Our recent work looks at use of simulation and emulation in the assessment of security of industrial control networks. We are building a testbed that integrates devices used in the control of the electric power grid with a simulator of electrical generation and distribution, with a simulator/emulator of the communication networks and other devices on them. Within this framework


  • Architectures for Multi-Level Security
  • Internet Traffic Analysis
  • Trustworthy Cyber-Infrastructure for the Power Grid
  • Multi-resolution Game Theoretic Models of Cyber Attacks and Defenses
  • Access Policy Tool


We are supported by NSF, the Department of Energy, the Department of Homeland Security, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and several commercial firms.

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