Current Project MOSES activities

Architectures for Multi-Level Security
This grant from a major aerospace company is developing ways of designing computing system architectures for high assurance systems that use multi-level security. We are focusing on points where separated information streams come together, e.g., in a graphics workstation.

Internet Traffic Analysis
This NSF project is developing means of analyzing network traffic to reveal content, and to defend against such means. Working with co-PIs Borisov, Coleman, and Kiyavash, we are developing a suite of analytic tools, network instrumentation, and simulations to guide and validate the theoretical developments.

Trustworthy Critical-Infrastructure for Power (Grid)
This project seeks to close the gap between abstract game theoretic models of attacks and defenses against them, and highly detailed simulations of cyber-activity. The idea is to transform details and abstractions in both directions, to inform detailed mechanisms of strategies they should pursue, and transform detailed observations of activities into abstractions in the game theoretic model.

Access Policy Tool
The Access Policy Tool verifies that firewall rule sets in a network containing multiple firewalls provide the exact coverage called for by a higher level access policy language. APT's development is going hand-in-hand with industrial partners, making sure that it solves real problems, and is validated on real systems.

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