Our contributions to the SSFNet models are twofold: through contributed model packages to the Java implementation, including models of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and large-scale worm attacks, and secondly through porting the SSFNet framework onto the ISSF C++ kernel, thus gaining more performance in parallel and distributed execution.

The DDoS package, named SSF.App.DDoS , has since its inception been a part of the standard SSFNet distribution. It provides facilities to set up a SYN flood based DDoS attack scenario in an SSFNet simulation. The package also includes some preliminary models of trace back schemes based on Netflow data analysis for tracing back spoofed attack sources to their origins.

The worm attack package, named SSF.App.Worm , uses multi-resolution modeling techniques to model large-scale Internet worm attacks both in terms of large-scale dynamics and in local detailed infrastructure effects. It has been used to study worm impact on the inter-domain routing infrastructure and to study the effectiveness of proposed worm defenses. In cooperation with collaborators at the Institute for Security Technology studies it has also been used to generate realistic test traffic for a working worm detection system prototype. This package is a part of the standard SSFNet distribution as of release 1.5.0. html"> web page .

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